About the Château

Built in the 1930s immediately after the Great Depression, Ktown Château is the home to Natalie Wong, situated in a French Norman Revival-style building in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. As one of the city’s buzziest food and nightlife destinations, Koreatown was featured in the first season of the late Anthony Bourdain series “Parts Unknown.”

Neighbored by other historic landmarked buildings, the Château’s interiors feature 10’ ceilings, custom carved and extruded plaster moldings, artisan crafted fireplaces, built-in china cabinets and European-style terraces overlooking the most darling manicured courtyard.

Meet Natalie of Ktown Château

Natalie is a proud California native with a passion for fashion, interior décor, global and domestic travel, and fried chicken. Originally from the San Francisco area, she was transplanted to Southern California to attend UCLA and has since adopted Los Angeles as her home. (Although she’s still a Giants fan.)

Now a longtime Angeleno with a career in experiential marketing and corporate social responsibility, she acquired Ktown Château in 2016. Follow along here for her how-to’s and style inspiration, and see château updates and glimpses of life in LA via Natalie’s Instagram, @lagirl310.

About this Blog

Let’s be clear: this is not a blog that will teach you how to DIY a dresser. In fact, I’m not much of a handy person at all. (I mean, look at me. I’m sprawled on this fur thing in a ridiculous dress.)

I can be crafty and scrappy, yes, but mostly out of necessity. Being “house poor” has led me to appreciate furnishing and decorating my home in budget-friendly vintage and secondhand pieces. I DIY when I can, but will call in the cavalry when the garbage disposal needs to be replaced.

This blog is for those of us white collar workers trying to do blue collar things, and those of us living in big cities but small spaces. This is for us urban dwellers who are more comfortable nailing spreadsheets than nailing baseboards. (Besides, where would we store a nail gun anyway?)

This is a DIY blog for folks who hate to DIY. Welcome to this homeowner’s journey!

Portraits of Natalie (2018) by Andrea Hausmann/COCO HAUS
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