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How to Make Pink Marbled Christmas Ornaments

In my quest to find some Christmas ornaments that would really pop against my pale pink tree, I was inspired by these marbled ones from CB2 but not by their price tag. PLUS, I’m really leaning into the #PinkChristmas theme, and I of course needed pink ones.

Still lusting after these marbled ornaments from CB2. Swoon.

Most of you know I’m a reluctant DIY-er, but after consulting a few online tutorials on how to marble Christmas ornaments, I decided to give it a go. 

How easy is this DIY?

I PROMISE you this is super duper simple and easy. It ranks 1.5, on a scale of 1 (hanging a framed art piece) to 10 (building a dresser). Each ornament ended up costing under a dollar and literally took seconds to make. 

Materials needed

– Ornament balls (plastic or glass will work!)
– Cheap nail polish (I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, $3.50 at Target)
– Shallow, disposable tray filled with room temperature water
– Wood chopsticks
– Toothpicks
– Gold paint pen (optional)

Making the ornaments

Start by filling a shallow, disposable tray with room temperature water. Remove the tops off the ornament balls and then spear them each with a chopstick.

The Marbling
Take the bottle of nail polish and drop a bit of it into the tray, then use a toothpick to scoot the polish around a little bit. Quickly take the chopstick and ornament ball and scoop up the polish onto the entire surface area of the ornament with a slow rotation of your wrist.  There’s a reel on my Instagram here.

And Then
Allow the ornament to dry by setting the chopstick into a glass tumbler. If you like, once the ornaments are completely dry, use a gold paint pen to gild the ornament tops and place them back on the ornaments. Ta da, you’re all done!

I was able to complete 16 ornaments under an hour. Quick and easy, right? I’m obsessed! Now I’m kinda addicted to marbling things…

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