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3 Super Easy (and Cheap!) Christmas DIY Hacks

If you’re like me and needed to zhuzz up AND really customize your Christmas decor without spending a ton of money, look no further! The bonus is: these are all super easy DIYs that I did while watching 24/7 Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.

How to Make Spotted Ornaments

Materials needed: White ball ornaments + Black Sharpie paint pen (medium tip) + Optional gold leafing pen

I purchased a half dozen 4” white plastic ball ornaments from Michael’s ($1 each), then took a Sharpie paint pen and drew on random sized black spots. The gold leafing pen was used to paint the ornament topper. Ta-da! It’s like Dalmatian spotted ornaments!

How to Make Custom Colored Ornaments

Materials needed: Ball ornaments + Spray paint + Chopsticks + Optional gold leafing pen

I specifically wanted EMERALD green Christmas ornaments, but didn’t want to spend $$$ on them, so I took some cheap ball ornaments I already owned and spray painted them using Rust-oleum’s Metallic green.

I then used a gold leafing pen to paint the ornament topper as well.

Pro tips: I wore disposable gloves and held the top of the ornament with one hand while spray painting it using the other hand. I continued to hold the ornament and rotated it slowly like a rotisserie for five minutes, allowing the paint to dry evenly and mitigating paint drips. The ornament ball was then placed on a chopstick to dry completely.

Christmas Tree Ribbon Hack

Materials needed: 2.5” wired ribbon + scissors

I learned this trick from DIY Duchess Monica Benavidez, and it’s pure genius! I bought two rolls of 2.5” thick wired ribbon in a hunter green and gold mesh, then cut them into 18” strips. I then folded the edges down (to prevent the ribbon from fraying) and placed the ribbon strips on the tree in a zigzag pattern. (For half of my 7′ tree, I used about 20 yards of ribbon to cover the visible side.)

This way, you’re using less ribbon and not having to circle around the tree like a crazy person. 🙂

Do you have any easy DIY Christmas hacks to share?

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